High Quality Liners

Our manufacturers use computers to design and precision cut every liner to ensure the best fit possible using today's technology. Our manufacturers use only the finest quality virgin vinyl combined with UV inhibitors, bleach-resistant inks and fungicides to give your liner the longest life possible.

Tri City
Tri-City Vinyl, Inc. has been distributing high-quality pool and pond liners for over 35 years. Delivering superior customer service is at the core of its daily operations. All liners are backed by a 15 year warranty.

Foxxx Pool
All Fox liners are made by our custom liner shop to exacting specifications. With a Fox liner, you get the luxury look of tile, but none of the constant maintenance and cleaning that comes with actual tile. The smooth surface of your Fox liner will not cause scratches or abrasions like concrete can. Fox vinyl liners are custom made to fit your existing pool.

McEwen - All liners at 27 mil pricing
McEwen has the largest selection of liner patterns in the swimming pool industry. More colors, more tile designs and more floor patterns backed by a company with the highest quality standards and greatest attention to detail.

Which pool liner thickness should you choose?

Oftentimes people ask us which liner material is "better:" the 20 mil or the 27 mil?

The majority of liners we replace are replaced with the 27 mil but the most important choice is not the thickness of the material, but the liner pattern that you choose.

Choose the vinyl liner pattern that you like the best - choose a vinyl liner pattern that speaks to you. You shouldn't pass on your first pattern choice just to get the thicker material.

You are going to be looking at that pattern in your backyard for at least the next seven years. Ultimately, the pattern you choose should outweigh the thickness of your liner material. It is what you think looks the best that matters.

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