Liner Installations

Professionally installed swimming pool liners are the life of the pool and the new liner, proper preparation, measurement and installation are essential to correctly preserving the integrity of the pool and its liner.
  • Drain pool
  • Remove fittings
  • Remove old liner
  • Inspect pool walls and bottom
  • Prepare pool base and walls (repairs may result in additional charge)
  • Install new liner (install foam if required, additional charge)
  • Align liner
  • Vacuum fit liner
  • Fill pool
  • Reinstall fittings (New fittings recommended, additional charge)

More than minor repair or rebuilding of pool base requires an additional charge. Replacement of coping requires an additional charge. Additional service work will be extra.

Leak Detection

Gather Information

A "Bucket Test" can be performed to determine how much of the observed water loss is due to evaporation and how much is due to a leak. The bucket test is performed by placing a bucket of water on the pool step and marking the water level in both the bucket and swimming pool with tape. If there is a leak, the pool will lose more water than the bucket.
Other tests such as the "Pump On/Pump Off Test" will provide a useful base of information that will be helpful as you continue the leak detection process.

Regardless of whether a leak is suspected to be in the plumbing or in the vinyl liner, a pressure test should be done to provide confirmation of which parts of the pool are leaking, and which ones can be eliminated as suspected leak areas. This is important not only because it saves time in later leak location steps, but also because it allows the technician to provide the pool owner with the assurance that the leaks have been found and fixed are isolated to the pool.

Pressure Testing

Use of specialized equipment to determine if a section of plumbing is or is not leaking. This process will help assist in pinpointing the location of the leak if one is identified and to ensure that all possible reasons for water loss have been checked.

Pinpoint Leaks in Vinyl Liner

Use of specialized equipment such as a Hydrophone around steps, near inlet lines, skimmers, bottom drains and lights and The LeakTrac 2400 which utilizes proven technology to find vinyl liner leaks fast, without dye, without draining the pool and without getting into the water. The LeakTrac 2400 eliminates the frustrating, expensive and time consuming task of visually inspecting every inch of a liner. While standing on the deck the operator is able to first establish a leaks general area, then pinpoint even the smallest leaks in minutes.


  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Lights
  • Chlorinators
  • Cleaners
  • And More

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Blowers
  • Control Systems
  • Lights
  • Jets
  • Heaters
  • And More


  • Remove and fold swimming pool cover
  • Activate and re-assemble filter system
  • Re-install deck equipment
  • Lightly clean pool deck
  • Inspect and notify owner of any swimming pool problems

  • Water level must be 2" above normal operating level if possible. Place your hose under cover and fill.
  • Water and leaves must be removed from your cover. An extra charge will apply to remove leaves and water from your cover.
  • Pool vacuuming is not included.


  • De-activate and clean filter system
  • Lower water to the recommended level
  • Blow out lines and install customers' plugs
  • Remove deck equipment
  • Install cover
  • Inspect and notify owner of any swimming pool problems

  • Leaves and debris must be removed from your pool. We charge extra to do this.
  • Pool vacuuming is not included.