What is Covered

Liner - Per Manufacturer Guidelines and Schedule

Almost every pool liner warranty in the industry covers the welded seams only. The seams, of course, are very important but if they hold for a week, they will most likely hold for many years. If there is going to be a problem that is covered by your warranty, it will be evident soon after the liner is installed. It is very rare for a seam to fail after the first season.

Even if you do have a legitimate split seam warranty issue, your liner warranty does not cover installation, freight or the cost of water and chemicals.

Labor - (Through Dec 31 the year liner is installed)

If you have a legitimate split seam warranty issue during the first season (through Dec 31 of year the liner was installed) we will cover the freight charges to us and our labor to remove and install the new liner.

Coverage is calendar year - not installation anniversary.

Any/All issues must be resolved before pool is closed unless agreed upon in writing to do at a later date due to weather.

What is Not Covered

Cost of water, chemicals, all the other things that may happen to your liner such as material defects, print fading, irregularities in printing, damage from pool chemicals, wind and ice damage, rips, tears or holes that can be snagged or punched in the liner.

3rd party expenses / other companies work

Liner out of track - This can be caused by many reasons such as weak coping, water behind liner due to rains or leaking pool plumbing, etc. and are beyond our control and not covered. But usually during the first season we will put the liner back in track free of charge IF we are in the area and not making a special trip to complete. Special trips would incur a service call.

Wrinkles - If no wrinkles at installation there should not be any going forward unless they are caused by something beyond our control such as heavy rains with the ground unable to drain properly or other drainage issues and therefore this would not be an installation issue.

Failure of other pool items such as step trim, gaskets, light conduit, light housing, skimmer housing, drain housing, plumbing, etc.