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One of the LARGEST GLI volume installers in the Midwest.


Let the experts at Liner Specialist LLC install your next in ground pool liner and save hundreds of dollars over the competition!


Liner Specialist wants to know, are you tired of hearing

  • an answering machine every time you call
  • “it will be near the end of the season or next year to get your liner installed”
  • “we are really backed up right now?”


Then call us, we will answer the phone when you call.

We will give you a FREE phone estimate when you call us with the length and width measurements of your pool.

**99% of our phone estimates are the total job price**

We normally have your liner installed within 4-5 weeks during busy season or scheduled to be installed within a reasonable time frame if weather does not permit the normal schedule.

Optimal weather – No rain AND the temperatures need to be minimum 70 and preferably sunny during the day and near or above 50 at night for the best fit of your liner.

Installation time is NOT GUARANTEED but we will do our best to get it done as quickly as weather allows.

Top Reasons To Choose Us!


    • We are Experts in the industry!
    • We focus on in-ground pool liner installations.
    • Great prices
    • Our lead installers are EXPERIENCED employees not sub-contractors
    • Member of Association of Pool and Spa Professionals
    • A+ BBB Rating


Your Most Important Decision

It is time to replace your inground swimming pool liner and you have come to the internet in search of information. We’re glad you’re here. You may be asking yourself, what is the most important issue to consider? Is it the price? Liner pattern? Length of warranty? Thickness of the inground vinyl liner material? Which pool liner brand to choose?


In reality, it is none of these. Instead, the most important decision is which swimming pool contractor you are going to hire to measure, install and stand behind the purchase of your new inground vinyl pool liner. If you hire someone who misses one measurement, you may spend the next seven years looking at wrinkles. If you let someone who is inexperienced install your pool liner, you may have wrinkles or a pool liner that will fail early on. If you buy from a website where you have to measure and send the order to them, you will have no advocate to make sure your warranty claim is treated fairly in the event there is a problem. It is your local swimming pool industry professional who lives and works in your community that will guarantee your satisfaction. Choose that swimming pool contractor wisely. Nothing else is more important.

The experts at Liner Specialist install more GLI liners each year than any other single company in the area. Our prices are very competitive and in most cases we have the lowest installed price.

Don’t be fooled by manufacturer warranties that are 20 or 30 years as all manufacturers cover basically one thing. The seams! If the seams are going to fail they normally fail within the first season. If the liner fails anywhere but in a seam there is no manufacturer that will cover the replacement. That is why we only use manufacturers with a very low rate of defects.

Considerations for choosing a pattern and thickness of your new vinyl liner

Natural Lighting

Your pool’s placement and the amount of sunlight can determine whether you choose a darker or lighter color. Darker colors can absorb heat while lighter colors generally reflect it. Also, darker colors tend to look a little more murky in the shade, which is why some people decide to go with a light colored liner when their pools receive very little sunlight.

Natural Look

Some people choose liners that resemble the natural ocean look. A dark blue liner mimics the deep waters while absorbing some sunlight and naturally warming the water.

For those that want a more classic blue pool opt for the medium to light blues. These liners reduce the amount of sunlight they absorb and are typically a little cooler.


Pool liners come in many patterns and borders such as tile, natural stone, marble and other designs. If you dont like the look of a bordered pool liner you can always choose to go with the bottom pattern all the way up to the coping for a more uniform look. Different patterns can provide a variety of visual depths to the look of your outdoor oasis.



Pool liners come in different thickness, referred to as mil. The mil is actually 1/1000 th of an inch. The most common is the 20 mil which is equal to .020 of an inch. There are other thicker liners on the market today such as 27 mil = .027, 28 mil = .028 or 30 mil = .030.

Some factors that affect the life of a liner are: the amount of exposure to direct sunlight, water chemistry, pets, improper chemicals used for cleaning your liner and defective/damaged maintenance equipment

Although the thicker liner DOES NOT have a longer warranty than the thinner liner. The thicker liners theoretically should withstand a little more wear and tear and should take longer for the sun and properly maintained chemicals to cause deterioration to a point of failure.


What is the life expectancy of an in-ground vinyl liner?

The average life of a vinyl pool liner is seven years. Though some make it 10-12 years or longer, seven years is the expectation. If you live in a cooler climate where the pool is covered six months or more of the year, it may last twice as long as one in Texas or Florida that is exposed to the sun 12 months of the year.

You can extend the life of your liner by keeping the PH and chlorine levels in the proper ranges. However, after seven years of exposure to sunshine and chlorine, it will most likely be time for a new liner.

You can see who we’ve worked with near you that you might know for a reference by browsing our hierarchical portfolio directory below.

For swimming pool liner replacement, cities we serve include:

AlexandriaAmberleyAmeliaBeckett RidgeBellevueBlue AshBridgetownBurlingtonCherry GroveCheviotCincinnatiCold SpringCovedaleCovingtonCrescent SpringsDaytonDeer ParkDelhi HillsDentDillonvaleDry RunEdgewoodElsmereErlangerFairfieldFinneytownFlorenceForest ParkForestvilleFort MitchellFort ThomasFort WrightFrancisvilleFruit HillGolf ManorGreenhillsGroesbeckHamiltonHebronHighland HeightsIndependenceKenwoodLandenLebanonLocklandLovelandLudlowMackMadeiraMariemontMasonMiami HeightsMilfordMonfort HeightsMonroeMontgomeryMount CarmelMount HealthyMount ReposeMulberryNew BurlingtonNewportNorth College HillNorthbrookNorthgateNorwoodOakbrookPleasant RunPleasant Run FarmReadingRossSaint BernardSalem HeightsSharonvilleSherwoodSilvertonSouth LebanonSouthgateSpringdaleSummersideTaylor MillThe Village of Indian HillTurpin HillsUnionVilla HillsWaltonWhite OakWithamsvilleWoodlawn, and Wyoming.

You can see who we've worked with near you that you might know for a reference by browsing our hierarchical portfolio directory below. For swimming pool liner replacement, cities we serve include Alexandria, Amberley, Amelia, Beckett Ridge, Bellevue, Blue Ash, Bridgetown, Burlington, Cherry Grove, Cheviot, Cincinnati, Cold Spring, Covedale, Covington, Crescent Springs, Dayton, Deer Park, Delhi Hills, Dent, Dillonvale, Dry Run, Edgewood, Elsmere, Erlanger, Fairfield, Finneytown, Florence, Forest Park, Forestville, Fort Mitchell, Fort Thomas, Fort Wright, Francisville, Fruit Hill, Golf Manor, Greenhills, Groesbeck, Hamilton, Hebron, Highland Heights, Independence, Kenwood, Landen, Lebanon, Lockland, Loveland, Ludlow, Mack, Madeira, Mariemont, Mason, Miami Heights, Milford, Monfort Heights, Monroe, Montgomery, Mount Carmel, Mount Healthy, Mount Repose, Mulberry, New Burlington, Newport, North College Hill, Northbrook, Northgate, Norwood, Oakbrook, Pleasant Run, Pleasant Run Farm, Reading, Ross, Saint Bernard, Salem Heights, Sharonville, Sherwood, Silverton, South Lebanon, Southgate, Springdale, Summerside, Taylor Mill, The Village of Indian Hill, Turpin Hills, Union, Villa Hills, Walton, White Oak, Withamsville, Woodlawn, and Wyoming.