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Let the experts at Liner Specialist LLC install your next safety pool cover!
Our manufacturers use computers to design and precision cut every cover to ensure the best fit possible using today’s technology.
Our manufacturers use only the finest quality materials.

Loop Loc


ultra-strong, super dense mesh that blocks virtually all sunlight but still lets rain and melting snow easily drain through. It’s the perfect choice for customers who want less light and debris in their pools, but still want the one-of-a-kind protection of the only pool cover proven safe and strong enough to support an elephant!

Backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty.


Virtually Solid Mesh Safety Cover is everything you could want in a pool cover, and more!

Imagine opening your pool in the spring and having it look almost as clean as the day you closed it. That’s what you can expect from the new Aqua-Xtreme Virtually Solid Mesh Safety covers from LOOP-LOC®. Our ultimate light-blocking fabric not only deters algae growth but drains lightning-quick. Unlike other light blocking covers, this one drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging, giving you complete peace of mind.

Backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty.

Ultra-Loc III

Solid Mesh Safety Cover is everything you could want in a pool cover, and more!

Blocks 100% of sunlight

Faster draining! Its unique material “bounces back,” so water quickly finds mesh drainage panels!

Backed by a 15-year pro-rated warranty.

33% lighter than the typical solid vinyl cover material!

Stays tight and beautiful year after year, in any weather!

Available with or without mesh drainage panels.

Pool Covers without drainage panels block 100% of sunlight and is sold with an automatic pump, which must be used at all times to meet ASTM safety cover standards.



McEwen Industries

Fine Mesh
This cover virtually eliminates algae growth with 99% sunlight protection. You also get a 100% self-draining cover that is easier to install than a solid safety cover. This gives you the best features of our mesh and solid fabrics. Colors: Green, Blue, Tan, or Grey

Super Solid
This cover combines the benefits of the fine mesh cover without having to deal with the pool water level over the winter and don’t mind investing a little more for the strongest and lightest solid fabric on the market. With the pump option, the cover is 100% watertight and 100% protected from sunlight. Colors: Green, Blue, or Tan