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Inground Pools

Our polymer powder coated, fusion bonded, galvanized steel gives great protection from corrosion and the Hourglass
Bracing allows our swimming pools to stand up in all types of climates. These In-ground pools are built to last. A Senrty!

Inground Pools With Decking

Don’t think you have a yard for a pool due to a hill or you just don’t want to dig up your property? Then, this option
may be perfect for you. Sentry’s Award Winning In-ground pools are perfect for the home owner who would like a pool with a
deck or has a yard on a slope.

Above Ground Pools

Our above ground pools are Constructed with the same quality materials as our In Ground pools, these pools are built to
last and will provide your family with many years of enjoyment.

Why settle for a flimsy roll of aluminum or a thin roll of steel for your pool walls when you can have a high quality pool?


The Sentry RiverPool® is freestanding, allowing easy installation in almost any setting; inside, outdoors, above-ground or
in-ground. In a new or existing space such as a basement, garage, porch or even on the patio. Excavation is optional.

The Sentry RiverPool® is constructed of modular steel panels, which allows for easy installation even in tight spaces,
since all our components can fit through a 24″ doorway. The Sentry RiverPool® is transportable and can be relocated.

The Sentry RiverPool® features a broad, deep, river current that is completely adjustable in speed, from a beginners
pace to a racer’s pace

The Sentry RiverPool® needs no connection to your household plumbing. You fill the Sentry RiverPool® with a garden hose.

The Sentry RiverPool® is heated easily and efficiently with our standard 5.5 kw electric heater. The operating cost is
equivalent to that of a hot tub.